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290• NewsNationals2017 Ride365 Pro Nationals Round 6 Penalties
2017 Ride365 Pro Nationals Round 6 Penalties
Posted on Jul 5th, 2017 | Author: Peter Leik
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Round 6 Penalties

SERIES:2017 Ride365 Pro Nationals powered by VersusPC 
PLAINTIFF:Philip Bull 
DEFENDANT:Alex Cunningham 
DESCRIPTION:Alex had the blue bar for nearly half a lap whilst 30 seconds behind the closest position, I finally got the blue bar down to 1.5 seconds crossing the finish entering the last lap with 2 riders chasing me down, Alex goes into the main line and slides out causing me to lose valuable time which potentially resulted in me losing 2 positions.
VERDICT: Alex has the blue bar at 2.2 seconds. Alex entering the first turn slides out in the rut with the blue bar now at 1.7 seconds. Immediately after sliding out Alex get's out of the main line to allow the leaders past him.
PENALTY: No Penalty.