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Countdown to Anaheim : Day 18
Posted on Dec 20th, 2012 | Author: Devin Davis
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18th Tyler Crain - 212 points
Greatest Accomplishments: Coming from a first turn crash at Washougal to come within 2 seconds of winning the Moto (He still won the Overall).
After Tyler Crain's 2012 Outdoor success, where he won 12 Motos and 7 Overalls, but a lot of people forget that he is still an extremely competitive contender for the Supercross championship for 2013. He captured 2 East Coast 250 SX wins in 2012 and finished 2nd overall in the championship. Tyler's most recent success came from the EVS Supercross Open where he won the first night of racing in a crazy main event, and finished 3rd overall on the final score sheet. Tyler mentioned, "My goals for SX are to just be a contender and be up front every race.", so watch out for Tyler on the number 16 Intrinzic Graphix bike in 2013. He is arguably the biggest threat to 2012 SX Champion Tysen Fresquez in the upcoming season.