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Countdown to Anaheim : Day 19
Posted on Dec 20th, 2012 | Author: Devin Davis
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19th David "ddmx" Diehl - 202 points
Greatest Accomplishments: His first win in the 2010 racing season.
David Diehl, known as ddmx, wasn't able to race most of the 2012 season, but still managed to finish 12th overall in the West coast championship with a 2nd place finish at A2. He enjoyed most of his success in 2010 after finishing 4th overall in the Supercross championship, while grabbing 2 of his only Premier class main event wins. The new day for racing on Tuesday fits his schedule much more than before and he's planning on racing full-time in 2013, and will be out there on the number 72 KTM450sxf in the Premier class. ddmx says "Next season I'm riding solo with sponsorship from on a KTM. Some of you may remember EPIK from the forums, well, he went off and started up a pretty badass graphics company locally and I want to try and put him on the podium a few times". He's been laying low putting in laps in the 03 server and wants to be up front again in 2013.