2019 Supercross Pro (NA) Round 1 Penalties

2019 Supercross Pro (NA) Round 1. Plaintiff: Alanas Saulys (13377)
Defendant: Kyler Hawkey (8661)
Class : 250
Moto: LCQ
Time: 3rd or 4th lap imo
Description: Fighting leaders when being a lapper in LCQ
Verdict: Incomplete Protest, no demo or time provided.
Plaintiff: Alex Heckman (18576)
Defendant: Kyle Robb (2514)
Class: 450 PRO
Moto: LCQ
Time: 6:00
Description: Earlier in the race I accidentally got into Kyle, and so he purposely waited up on me multiple times (including intentionally crashing in the whoops when he saw me crash) all so he could send me flying off of the last corner. I know this in the LCQ and we werent anywhere near qualifying but I dont feel like this type of riding should be allowed in the professional series.

Verdict: One week suspension for intentional takeout.

Author: Peter Leik