2019 Supercross AM (NA) Round 3 Penalties

2019 Supercross AM (NA) Round 3.
Plaintiff: Tanner Thorsen (16669)
Defendant: Riley Hughan (23127)
Class: 250 Amateur Supercross
Moto: main even 3
Time: 0:04.1 seconds
Description: I felt like i was being targeted all night after the first main event win. I believe this was a team tactic for the the Arla Green on SPR to take the overall. Riley Huhghan is part of SPR also. There was no reason for a break check other than to take me out. I believe it was an intention break check to take me out. Just play the game and have fun is what i look at it is but it was a straight team move. Thank you guys again for an amazing night of racing had a lot of fun!

Verdict: Racing Incident. No Penalty.

Author: Jeremy Cohenour