2019 Supercross AM (NA) Round 4 Penalties

2019 Supercross AM (NA) Round 4.
Plaintiff: Rhys Harris (18426)
Defendant: Austin Schafer (19636)
Class: 250 Amateur Supercross
Moto: Qualifying
Time: 4:30
Description: Austin Schafer (UID 19636) Is meant to be banned from racing, He decided to come into the server I was in and take me out, He should be banned from the servers thx
Verdict: Invalid Protest. No link to results page provided.
Plaintiff: Chandler Bloxom (25877)
Defendant: Frank Jackson (12581)
Class: 250 Amateur Supercross
Moto: Main Event
Time: Its a Gyazo
Description: I was just riding my own race and trying to get back up there from a bad start of the race even though i suck but I just get punted for no reason at all when i was riding clean. I dont understand why people have to be that way to just punt people.
Verdict: Invalid Protest. No demo or time provided.
Plaintiff: Nick Skakun (18278)
Defendant: Cody Branson (15155)
Class: 250 Amateur Supercross
Moto: LCQ
Time: 2:22
Description: Cody was too aggressive in the whoops and took a line not worth going for, coming into the corner cutting completely across the turn and resulting in myself and himself going down and myself being stuck behind.

Verdict: Racing Incident. No Penalty.

Author: Jeremy Cohenour