2019 Supercross Pro (NA) Round 9 Penalties

2019 Supercross (NA) PRO Round 9
Plaintiff: Alanas Saulys (13377)
Defendant: Jonathan Hughes (9262)
Class: 250 Supercross West
Moto: Main Event
Time: 10:25
Description: I jumped on his back lap before because of his lag spike and he literally cleans me for no reason.

Verdict: Warning for intentional takeout.
Plaintiff: Daniel Mills (21)
Defendant: Gunar Fugler (7800)
Class: 250 Supercross East
Moto: Main Event
Time: 14.07, 16.44, 17.11
Description: Brake checks me off the landing of the double into the corner. Slows down to brake check and hit myself, and Josh. Tries to punt me wide open on the last lap. Typical Gunar temper tantrum.

Verdict: After returning from his indefinite ban, Gunar show's no intention of changing his racing habits. Gunar will again be banned indefinitely.

Author: Jeremy Cohenour