2019 Supercross Pro (EU) Round 9 Penalties

2019 Supercross (EU) PRO Round 9
Plaintiff: Rico de Laat (19896)
Defendant: Logan Leitzel (19661)
Class: 250 Supercross Moto: Main Event
Time: 5:30
Description: Logan taking me out for no reason.

Verdict: Rico cuts down across the corner to the inside, and collides with Logan. Racing incident, no penalty.
Plaintiff: Tyler Lang (14539)
Defendant: Austin Bear (10651)
Class: 250 Supercross East
Moto: Main Event
Time: 16:26
Description: Austin continued to race me as a lapper and cross jump and take me out and then drag me.

Verdict: Austin races leaders all race, then collides with Tyler on the last lap taking them both down. 1 week suspension for taking out a leader as a lapper

Author: Jeremy Cohenour