2019 Supercross AM (NA) Round 9 Penalties

2019 Supercross (NA) AM Round 9
Plaintiff: Brian Brinker (26411)
Defendant: Kael Braden (24832)
Class: 250 Novice Supercross
Moto: Qualifying
Time: 6:38 & 6:50
Description: cuts track taking me out, waits up and punts me again
Verdict: Invalid protest, did not submit results from the server page. Results are required when posting qualifying protests to verify it was in a qualifying server.
Plaintiff: Kyle Carter (22389)
Defendant: Jordan Vail (24835)
Class: 250 Novice Supercross
Moto: Main Event
Time: 0.900
Description: I was running in 3rd towards the end of the race and had to follow Jordan for almost two whole laps because he would not get out of the main line being a lapper. When i finally did get the chance to pass i got him clean and he came back on the inside of the whoops, cuts the corner completely, and cleans me out.
Verdict: Invalid protest, did not supply a time.
Plaintiff: Lane Burkes (11747)
Defendant: caleb white (4321)
Class: Open Amateur Supercross
Moto: LCQ
Time: 0:45
Description: Clearly lost a position but tries to punt me instead

Verdict: Warning for an interntional takeout.
Plaintiff: Wayde Finley (21563)
Defendant: Colt Hans (21779)
Class: 250 Amateur Supercross
Moto: 250 LCQ
Time: 5:09
Description: I'm in a qualifying position and a lapper cleans me out on purpose it was recorded on Wills stream. I don't think this person should be able to race after that, it was very uncalled for.
Verdict: 2 week suspension for waiting for a leader to take him out.

Author: Jeremy Cohenour