2019 Supercross PRO (NA) Round 13 Penalties

2019 Supercross Pro (NA) Round 13
Plaintiff: Connor Holyak (9655)
Defendant: Jeremy Smith (2528)
Class: 450 Supercross
Moto: 450 Main 3
Time: 7 mins 20 secs
Description: Smith is getting up from a crash and is on the throttle going sideways. He takes me out causing us to both crash.

Verdict: Warning for unsafe track re-entry.
Plaintiff: Dylan Copeland (5675)
Defendant: Matias Janice (17932)
Class: 450 Supercross
Moto: Main Event 2, Main Event 3
Time: 2:18, 8:23
Description: Matias comes in for an aggressive pass and doesn't have much intention of stopping for the corner. Matias falls and makes an unsafe track re-entry.

Verdict: Warning for aggressive racing. Warning for unsafe track re-entry.

Author: Jeremy Cohenour