2019 Supercross Pro (EU) Round 17 Penalties

2019 Supercross Pro (EU) Round 17
Plaintiff: Atom Holm (9437)
Defendant: Alexis Leclair (6454)
Class: 450 Supercross
Moto: Main
Time: 0:13
Description: Cuts track to gain advantage.

Verdict: Docked 5 positions for unsafe track re-entry and cutting the track.
Plaintiff: Tyler Lang (14539)
Defendant: Jonathan Hughes (9262)
Class: 250 Supercross East
Moto: 250 Pro Main
Time: 8:53
Description: Jonathan was trying to take me out the entire race and decided to go 5th gear wide open into the back of me.

Verdict: One week suspension for intentional takeout attempt.