2019 Ride365 Nationals Pro (NA) Round 3

2019 Ride365 Nationals Pro (NA) Round 3
Plaintiff: Jeremy Cohenour (6963)
Defendant: Logan Leitzel (19661)
Class: 450 Motocross
Moto: Qualifying
Time: 15:05-15:35
Description: Logan punts another rider, gets up and punts both of them back onto the track taking me out. Then cuts the track to punt the rider again.

Verdict: One week suspension for multiple intentional takeouts.
Plaintiff: Atom Holm (9437)
Defendant: Alexis Leclair (6454)
Class: 450 Motocross
Moto: Moto 2
Time: 0:07
Description: Lag punt WHILE going through the hay bale.

Verdict: No penalty, first turn incident

Author: Jeremy Cohenour