2019 Ride365 Nationals AM (NA) Round 3

2019 Ride365 Nationals AM (NA) Round 3
Plaintiff: Kael Braden (24832)
Defendant: Sterrett Ford (14703)
Class: 250 Amateur Motocross
Moto: Qualifying
Time: 13:40
Description: i was going on a good lap for me and "sterrrett ford" jumps to my inside and cleans me. very angry at the moment hope he gets a suspension. thanks. oh and right now khamar glover just messaged me saying he is sterrett i screenshoted shoot me a discord pm for proof
Verdict: Invalid protest. No link the server page provided
Plaintiff: jacob mullins (28807)
Defendant: Erik Martin (4170)
Class: 450 Amateur Motocross
Moto: Moto 1
Time: 2:25
Description: he cross jumped me on the finish line it looked very avoidable in his perspective Unless his advance is super tight

Verdict: Racing incident. No penalty.

Author: Jeremy Cohenour