2019 Ride365 Nationals AM (NA) Round 11 Penalties

2019 Ride365 Nationals AM (NA) Round 11

Plaintiff: Kyle Howard (21415)
Defendant: Ryder Remenik (26726)
Class: 250 Amateur Motocross
Moto: Qualifying
Time: 6.38.8
Description: As I was coming down i seen Ryder Remenik down off the track so I didn't think to change my line and as I was going around the corner he hops right in the main line and stops.

Verdict: Warning for unsafe track re-entry.
Plaintiff: Steve Harris (23215)
Defendant: Connor Templin (22231)
Class: 450 Amateur Motocross
Moto: Moto 2
Time: in the twitch stream
Description: Going backwards after finish. Luckily got passed him going up.. Unknown reason why...
Verdict: Invalid Protest. No time or demo provided.
Plaintiff: Blake Wicklund (33351)
Defendant: Andrew Peakman (9181)
Class: 250 Amateur Motocross
Moto: Moto 2
Time: 9:51 & 10:14
Description: Andrew Peakman cleaned me for no reason at 9:51 (had no previous contact with him to make him do this). Punted me off the track, then I had not the best track re-entry and we collided again. I didn’t know he was right next to me. But then we get going again and he is front of me and clearly brake checks me at 10:14. After 3 fall offs I was too far from the leaders to keep the championship alive. Just hope something can be done about this, people shouldn’t be able to race like that. Thank you

Verdict: Warning to Andrew for aggressive racing. Warning to Blake for unsafe track re-entry.