2020 Supercross Round 1 PRO Penalties (NA)

2020 Supercross Round 1 PRO (NA)

Plaintiff: Thomas Wilcox (4943)

Defendant: Rush Chapman (14794)

Class: 450 Supercross

Moto: Main

Time: 21:19 to 21:23

Description: I land on the finish and go to the right to let Rush by (you can hear the bike completely decelerate) and he holds it wide into me not even attempting to turn left.

Verdict: After reviewing the protest, it was deemed that Wilcox was holding up multiple leaders and racing them as a lapper. After Rush cleans Wilcox, Wilcox attempts to jump across the next corner to take him out. Thomas Wilcox will receive a 1 week suspension for racing leaders as a lapper. Rush Chapman will receive a formal final warning for aggressive racing due to his protest history.


Plaintiff: Jake Rose (16679)

Defendant: Tyler Scheels (30399)

Class: 250 Supercross West

Moto: LCQ

Time: 6:20

Description: He jumped across the bales and didnt intend to brake when he landed causing to take my front wheel out and losing a spot to the Main Event. 

Verdict: Racing incident, no penalty.