2020 Supercross Round 5 (EU) Penalties

2020 Supercross Round 5 (EU)

Plaintiff: Brian Brinker (26411)

Defendant: Daniel Irvine (7108)

Class: 250 Supercross

Moto: Heat 2

Time: 4:04

Description: peanut brain


Verdict: Racing incident, no penalty.


Plaintiff: alexander lagerkvist (31538)

Defendant: Pontus Lindblad (18037)

Class: 250 Supercross

Moto: LCQ

Time: 4,58

Description: Pontus makes a misstake and restart from the side of the track and i was going for middle lane beacuse of him standing to the right and he restarts and going to the middle and making an real unsafe restart and made me lose positions


Verdict: 1 week suspension for taking out a leader as a lapper and unsafe track re-entry.