2020 Supercross Round 10 NA (AM) Penalties

2020 Supercross Round 10 NA (AM)

Plaintiff: James Layle (32685)

Defendant: braden cory (15101)

Class: 250 Novice Supercross

Moto: Qualifying

Time: 1:05.8

Description: Pretty self explanatory, he took me out (on purpose) and said it was an accident. Can easily see that he purposely did it because of the line he choose when he cut outside into me.

Verdict: Invalid protest. No link to the server page provided.


Plaintiff: jason stubbs (28851)

Defendant: Mason Daugherty (30129)

Class: 250 Amateur Supercross

Moto: Main Event

Time: 15.24

Description: As i was coming up to lap Mason, Right before hitting the finish on the last lap, he decides to swerve left right in front of me and slams on the brakes causing me to hit him and almost loose positions.


Verdict: 1 week suspension for intentionally taking out a leader as a lapper.