2020 Supercross Round 11 EU Penalties

2020 Supercross Round 11 EU

Plaintiff: Blake Wicklund (33351)

Defendant: Dale Mullins (15496)

Class: 250 Supercross East

Moto: Rf EU 250 Open RD 11 Indianapolis LCQ

Time: 1:49

Description: In the turn after the finish line, Dale Mullins T-Boned me while i was running 5th or 6th place ( right out of transfer positoion ) in the LCQ. He had no intentions of making the corner and was doing this to other ppl as well. Hope something can be done about this. thanks


Verdict: 1 week suspension for intentional takeout.


Plaintiff: Maxime Vanderbeek (1248)

Defendant: Devin Davis (4275)

Class: 250 Supercross East

Moto: Heat 1

Time: 6.45 - 6.51

Description: We are 8 & 9, both qualified, we can see Devin Davis jumps on the inside of the bale and destroy me without any reason

Verdict: Invalid protest, neither racer was in the race.