2020 Supercross Round 15 NA (PRO) Penalties

2020 Supercross Round 15 NA (PRO)

Plaintiff: Thomas Wilcox (4943)

Defendant: Jakob Hubbard (23971)

Class: 450 Supercross

Moto: LCQ

Time: 6:30

Description: Last lap, last corner, no intent on putting a "block" pass. He sets up and holds it 4th / 5th wide open.


Verdict: 1 week suspension for an overly aggressive intentional takeout. Block passes and takeouts are expected for the transfer position in the final corner, however, this attempt goes above and beyond that.


Plaintiff: Kael Braden (24832)

Defendant: Lewis Williams (7058)

Class: 250 Supercross East

Moto: LCQ

Time: 5:03

Description: In the corner before the wall i tried to block pass him and his lag almost took both of us out and then immidealty in the next corner he punts me over the berm without even touching me because of his lag.


Verdict: Warning for lag related incident.