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2021 MotoOption Supercross RD 6 EU Penalties

2021 MotoOption Supercross RD 6 EU

Plaintiff: Maxime Vanderbeek (1248)

Defendant: Alexander Kerr (24454)

Class: 250 Supercross

Moto: 250 LCQ

Time: 5:35

Description: Alex crash in the turn before going on the starting line, i pass him clean and he punt me the next turn


Verdict: Warning for aggressive racing


Plaintiff: Ryan Turner (17899)

Defendant: Caleb hall (10047)

Class: Open Supercross

Moto: Main Event

Time: 3:20 - 3:30

Description: Has no intention of stopping for the corner at hits me wide open 


Verdict: After Ryan brake checks Caleb, Caleb attempts to retaliate by punting Ryan. Racing incident, no penalty.