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2021 rFGP (EU) Round 9 Protests

2021 rFGP (EU) Round 9

Plaintiff: Daniel Irvine (7108)

Defendant: Kevin Thans (776)

Class: MX2

Moto: moto 2

Time: 33:10

Description: Kevin is racing leaders and decides to fully pin it up the wall right behind me having no regard to the leaders coming through. Making me crash and lose valuable time on the positions ahead of me.


Verdict: No incident occurred at the time provided. No penalty


Plaintiff: RaceFactory

Defendant: Daniel Olsson (25763)

Class: MX2

Moto: Moto 2

Time: 31:08 31:42

Description: While reviewing protests, Daniel was observed to be waiting for multiple leaders and making attempts to take them out.


Verdict: Indefinitely Suspended


Plaintiff: Brent Heintzelman (683)

Defendant: Luca Schwerdtner (26802)

Class: MX2

Moto: 1

Time: 11:43, 15:35, 22:24.

Description: I don't believe drunk driving is this lads specialty. He tends to make dumb mistakes such as bad track re-entry, racing leaders, doing front flips+backflips during racing in front of leaders. etc. Then he brags how he will only get a warning after the race.


Verdict: 2 week suspension for reckless racing.