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2022 Supercross (NA) Round 15 Penalties

2022 Supercross (NA) Round 15

Plaintiff:  Alexis Leclair (6454)

Defendant: Braden Carter (18235)

Class: 450 Supercross

Moto: main event 450

Time: 0:08 to 0:15

Description: Carter cutted the track to dodge the slippery corner and be able to triple quad the rythms, no one pushed him outside , he did it on purpose to gain advantage and go p13 to p1. If you check protest history , look like cutting the track to gain advantage is a pattern for carter , he got reported many time for that and get many week ban. 450 is stack and the difference between start 13 and 1 is huge .

Verdict: See below


Plaintiff: Payson Johnson (39236)

Defendant: Braden Carter (18235)

Class: 450 Supercross

Moto: Main Event

Time: 0:07

Description: carter cuts the track and basically wins the race because of it


Verdict: Carter had been docked 5 positions for intentionally cutting the start to gain an advantage.